Our Partners

The National Security Policy Center cultivates partnerships around UVA, academia, and the national security community. Let us know how we can work together!

Global Infectious Diseases Institute

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute (GIDI) brings together over 100 UVA researchers who are invested in combating infectious diseases worldwide. GIDI has collaborations on six continents and are engaging local and global communities in infectious disease research, from fundamental mechanisms of disease, to diagnostics and treatment approaches and their appropriate implementation.

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Cyber Innovation and Society Institute

The mission of the Cyber Innovation and Society Institute is to carry out multidisciplinary research and education initiatives that focus on the complex technical, social and policy challenges posed by emerging cyber innovations to ensure that cyber technology benefits all of society equally, fairly and dependably.

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MD5 is building the largest collaborative community of national security innovators in the world. Its mission is to create new communities of innovators that solve national security problems.

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Global Policy Center

The mission of the Global Policy Center is to promote and deepen global teaching and research at the Batten School. It supports international activities in scholarship, curriculum development, service and student engagement.

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